John Hancock Travel Insurance: Review from Reddit Users – John Hancock Travel Insurance: Traveling is an exciting experience that allows individuals to explore new destinations, immerse themselves in different cultures, and create lifelong memories.

However, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes disrupt even the most meticulously planned trips. That’s where travel insurance comes into play, providing travelers with peace of mind and financial protection.

One prominent travel insurance provider that often sparks discussion on platforms like Reddit is John Hancock Travel Insurance.

In this article, we will delve into the world of John Hancock Travel Insurance, exploring the opinions and experiences shared by Reddit users to provide you with a comprehensive review of this insurance company.

Company Background


John Hancock Insurance is a subsidiary of Manulife Financial Corporation, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. With over 150 years of experience in the industry, John Hancock Insurance offers a range of products, including life insurance, retirement plans, and, of course, travel insurance.

Their travel insurance policies aim to cover various aspects of a trip, such as trip cancellation, travel medical expenses, baggage loss, and emergency evacuation.

Coverage Options

One of the first aspects Reddit users often discuss is the range of coverage options offered by John Hancock Travel Insurance. The company provides several plans tailored to meet different travel needs, such as basic, comprehensive, and customizable policies.

One Reddit user, u/TravelBug95, shared their positive experience with John Hancock’s customizable policy. They stated, “I was able to add extra coverage for high-risk activities like scuba diving and hiking, which gave me peace of mind during my adventure-filled trip.”

Claims Process

When it comes to travel insurance, the efficiency of the claims process is of utmost importance. Reddit users have shared mixed experiences regarding John Hancock’s claims process.

While some users praised the company for their prompt and hassle-free claim settlements, others expressed frustration with the documentation requirements and long processing times.

A Reddit user, u/Wanderlust123, mentioned, “I had to provide extensive documentation for a canceled trip, and it took weeks for them to process my claim. It was a rather frustrating experience.”

Customer Service

The quality of customer service is another crucial factor that can make or break a travel insurance provider’s reputation. Through Reddit discussions, it becomes evident that John Hancock Travel Insurance has garnered both positive and negative feedback in this regard.

Some users praised the company’s responsive and helpful customer service representatives, while others criticized the lack of empathy and delays in communication.

User u/AdventureSeeker99 shared, “I had to call their customer service multiple times, and each time they were patient, knowledgeable, and assisted me in resolving my concerns.”

Price and Value

Price is often a significant consideration when choosing a travel insurance provider. John Hancock Travel Insurance’s pricing has been a topic of discussion on Reddit, with opinions varying among users.

Some Reddit users found the premiums to be competitive, especially when comparing the coverage provided. However, others felt that the prices were slightly higher compared to other insurance companies offering similar plans.

It is worth noting that factors such as age, destination, trip duration, and coverage limits can significantly impact the premiums.

Overall Satisfaction

After analyzing various Reddit threads discussing John Hancock Travel Insurance, it is evident that users’ satisfaction levels vary. While some travelers praised the company’s comprehensive coverage options and positive claims experiences, others expressed concerns about the claims process and customer service.

It is crucial to consider individual preferences and circumstances when evaluating these reviews. Ultimately, the decision to choose John Hancock Travel Insurance or any other provider should be based on personal needs, budget, and the level of risk associated with the trip.


John Hancock Travel Insurance has been a popular topic of discussion among Reddit users seeking travel insurance coverage. While the company offers a variety of plans and comprehensive coverage options, opinions on its claims process, customer service, and pricing vary.

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It is essential for potential policyholders to thoroughly research and consider their individual needs before making a decision. Reddit can serve as a valuable resource for gathering insights and experiences from fellow travelers, but ultimately, the choice of travel insurance provider should align with one’s specific circumstances and preferences.

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